Color Your Stay at Tinidee Trendy BKK Khaosan Hotel

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Color Your Stay at Tinidee Trendy BKK Khaosan Hotel

Get ready for a vibrant and exciting experience at the Tinidee Trendy Bangkok Khaosan Hotel. Let's dive into a world of fun, relax and color during our stay. You'll find this hotel right smack on the lively Khaosan Road, a hotspot for both globetrotters and locals alike. If you're on the hunt for convenience and chill vibes, look no further because this hotel is the ultimate choice. ShutterGolf got the ultimate invite for a night of pure delight, complete with scrumptious dinner and a fabulous breakfast experience.

It was love at first sight. The moment ShutterGolf stepped into the lobby, I was absolutely dazzled. The interior design is a delightful surprise, completely contrasting with the bustling chaos and crowds outside.

Design embodies the essence of modern Thai style, bursting with vibrant colors that immerse guests in a world of fun and excitement. ShutterGolf breezed into the lobby like a cool breeze on a hot day, and the staff were on it in a flash, making sure every guest felt like VIP. Service here is absolutely top-notch, delivering nothing but excellence with every smile and gesture.



ShutterGolf went outside on the lobby floor and stunned with the breathtaking swimming pool, a colorful and iconic gem of this hotel. It's a paradise where kids and parents alike can revel in pure joy and togetherness. This hotel is all about making family trips unforgettable, especially for the little ones who can dive into a world of fun with the colorful swimming.

We booked the family room for four of us, which came with a cozy queen - sized bed and two other comfy beds. The room was spacious, perfect for our group, and the interior design in vibrant Blue hues added a touch of charm. The floor, decorated like a map of Thailand, made our stay feel like a delightful journey.

For smaller groups like three guests, this type of room is absolutely lovely and just right for a comfortable stay.

Welcome to the deluxe room with twin beds. ShutterGolf adores the layout design and how space is perfectly allocated. Despite not being overly spacious, the room feels just right without any hint of being cramped.

This is deluxe room type with a plush single bed. It's wonderfully cozy and oh - so-comfortable, perfect for a relaxing stay. Don't you think ?

In addition to our fantastic guest rooms, this hotel also boasts state-of - the - art meeting and seminar facilities. ShutterGolf headed up to the second floor where two impressive meeting rooms named Khaosan 1 and 2 were there.

Looking for a larger - scale meeting room ? Look no further than the magnificent Rambutri Hall on 8th floor, it is perfect for grand seminars and even spectacular wedding parties. ShutterGolf is confident that our meeting facilities are ideal for local Thai people looking to host their events here. You can rest assured about convenience, especially when it comes to parking. Tinidee Trendy Bangkok Khaosan Hotel has a parking building which is located at the back of the hotel for all attendees.

Even though this hotel is surrounded by tempting street food options, Tinidee Trendy Bangkok Khaosan Hotel goes the extra mile to offer delectable food and beverage services, named "Rhyme Cafe". You can enjoy a delightful mix of Thai and international breakfast and dinner menus featuring mouthwatering dishes like Phad Thai, Tinidee burger, and juicy beef steak served with a zesty North-Eastern Thai spicy sauce. Moreover, the ambiance in the restaurant is simply delightful. The cozy living and comfortable seating arrangements inside ensure that your meal is not just tasty but also incredibly enjoyable.

ShutterGolf can say that Tinidee Trendy Bangkok Khaosan is a "Gateway to Khaosan". Tinidee Trendy Bangkok Khaosan Hotel, nestled in the historic Khaosan - Rambuttri area, offers a central stay just a stone's throw away from the lively nightlife and vibrant shopping of Khaosan Road. Located at the heart of the historic Khaosan - Rambuttri Area, hotel serves as the perfect central base for exploring temples, museums, and the Grand Palace. You can dive into the vibrant Khaosan Road nightlife and explore nearby shopping districts for a complete and unforgettable Bangkok experience. For more information, please visit Click for location Hopefully, you enjoy this trendy life in Tinidee Trend Bangkok Khaosan Hotel.


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